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Florida Foreign

Language Association

Presenters, click here to open the PDF of Presenter Certificates.  Be sure to only print the ones you want.  The document is 136 pages long in alphabetical order by presenter last name.  

Participants:  The presentation which have been sent in are underlined below.  Click the link to get their docs. 

 Friday Keynote
JC Morales
 Saturday Keynote
A. Abbott
Workshop #1
Workshop #2
Workshop #3
V. Spallone
Workshop #4
 Affect and Effect
    Using Technology...
Google tech...
Workshop #5
Workshop #6
Workshop #7
Workshop #8
Workshop #9

Friday Round 1
 Friday Round 2
 Friday Round 3
 Friday Round 4
 Friday Round 5
Saturday Round 6
Saturday Round 7
Innovative Thematic Units
 Literacy Skills
 Effective Discipline
 Upper Level Prep
 Cultura Comunidad y Cancion
 Digital Formative Assessments
 App Round up
Foreign Language Competence
 Speak French...or Die!
 Authentic Texts on Pinterest
 Teaching Social media
 Teaching Through Story
 eTextbook Revolution
 Culture units
Beyond the Classroom
 Oral Proficiency Commandments
 Communictive Competence
 Focusing on "water"
 Making Spanish Fun
 Discussion Boards
 Connecting Cultures
La BD en classe de FLE
Popular Music
 Cultural Perspectives
 Content-rich French Curriculum
 La "pub" en cours de FLE
 Spanish in Future Careers
 What AATF Can Do For You
Hybrid Language Programs that work
 From Level 1 to Proficiency
 Musica Maestro
 Service Learning
 Short-term Study Abroad
 Grammar with Glamour
 Seminar in Spain
Plan/Deliver for Instructional Excellence

 The Flipped Classroom:  Wisdom
 Service Learning
 Just want to survive
 Students Tear Down this Wall
 Motivate, Activate, Achieve
 Adult Learning
Gamification Possibilities
 Students behind the camera
 The Image Makes a World of Difference
 Authentic Resources to Communicate
 AP Readers
 Close Reading in WL Classroom
 Frida Kahlo Come Alive
 Classroom of the Future
 Osu!  Ouendan
 Beyond your Classroom
 Engaging Tweens
 Media-Rich Communication
 Engage MS & HS Students with Tech
 Heritage Speakers
 Youth Exchange Project
 Classical Greek Opportunities
 Reach & Teach All
 iCreate Are you flipping?
 Latin Going Digital
 BYOLL Mobile Language Lab
Age & Language Acquisition
 Error Correction in Language Acquisition
 Incorporating Skits
 Edo to Tokyo Project
 Engaging with Review Sessions
 Purposes/ Reasons of JPN Study
 University Articulation
 Neuroscience & Language Learning Policy & Practice
Brain-based learning
 Culture through shadow puppets
 Pre-Service Teacher
 Peer Evaluations
 Research Exchange
 iPads & World Languages
 Flipped Classrooms
 Engage with Games
 Teaching communication
 CAF Meeting
 Webs/Graphic Organizers
 Get them Talking Today
 Literature as a Form of Social Protest
 Picturing Russia
Communicative Competencies
 Service Teach Language & Culture through TV
 Engage with Research Project
 Cultural Diversity
 Flipped Classroom
 End of Course Exams
Creole Study via Culture/History
  Processing Instr. & Past Morphology
 News & networking
 Roman Croatia
 Dare to take your students Beyond the Classroom
 Dare to take your Students Beyond the Classroom
      Computational Input
 Languages in the Home

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