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Florida Foreign

Language Association

2014 Student Awards Winners

College/University Scholar
Catherine Mora
Dr. Karen Verkler

High School Ambassador
Ariana Agrios

Oak Hall School

Ching-Jung Ginger Lin & Krystal Serrano

High School Scholar
Jessica Valdes

Miami Coral Park High
Maria Sierra

Middle School Scholar
Amelia Meles

University Middle

Hong Jia

Elementary Scholar

Durbin Creek Elementary

Maria Janet Robles

Miami Coral Park Jessica Valdes
Donna Guzzo, LEE Founder and Administrator, Fiore Marina, Sandra McMandon, Principal, Durbin Creek E

"I took Spanish one through four at Daytona State College and then studied in Costa Rica at La Universidad Veritas. While taking advanced Spanish classes at the University of Central Florida, I taught Junior Achievement in Spanish at an elementary school. During my internship, I created a group where students could practice speaking Spanish."

"I’ve always had a passion for language and during high school. I’ve had the opportunity to develop that passion in four languages. I’m currently enrolled in Spanish, Chinese, French, and Ancient Greek classes. I hope to further these studies in college and use them in my future in International Relations."

"La estudiante ha participado en varias competencias de español a nivel estatal y distrito y en ellas ha obtenido primer lugar. Participo en la Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica como miembro y ahora como presidente. Tomó tres clases de español durante su estancia en su escuela y obtuvo un resulta de 5 en su examen AP lengua."

"Learning Chinese has benefitted me greatly. Also, Chinese helped me excel in my native language, English, such as helping me to win my school spelling bee. In these ways, the quote from Frank Smith, “One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way,” couldn’t be truer."

"I am half German/Puerto Rican. I like to speak Spanish to my family in P.R. I like Spanish because it helps me understand culture, music and sports. When I play piano, I play Spanish songs and understand them. When I play soccer, I can relate to the culture. I want to develop my Herencia Hispana."
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