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Florida Foreign

Language Association

2015 FFLA Student Scholar 
Awards & Scholarships

College & University Scholar

Irina Pidberjena

University of Central Florida

Senior, 22 years old

Russian & French

Teacher:  Dr. Alla Kourova

"Irina Pidberejna is an artist, lover of languages, researcher, and global citizen. She is a heritage speaker of Ukrainian and a native speaker of English in addition to formally learning Russian and Spanish. Her research focuses on culture and second language acquisition. She plans to ultimately pursue a PhD in linguistics.​"High School Scholar

Christina Fuleihan

Trinity Preparatory School

Senior, 17 years old


Teacher:  Herve Le Guilloux

"Christina strives for cultural understanding and linguistic mastery in and out of class. For 6 years, she’s stood out for her desire to learn and her love of French language/culture.  Taking on a pivotal role in the school’s language community, she’s one of its leaders: engaging herself in discussion, competing yearly, and always challenging herself."Middle School Scholar

Matthew Robbins

University School of Nova Southeastern University

8th grade/14 years old


Teacher:  Hong Jia

"Foreign language studies have provided me the opportunity to develop my grammar, speech, and perspective on culture. By exposing me to these new ideas, I have also been able to expand my knowledge on my own language and culture, which I feel has had a successful impact on my life."Elementary School Scholar

Christopher Galvan

Valley Ridge Academy

Teacher:  Alejandra de Rivera

5th grade/10 years old


"I want to speak to my abuela in Spanish. I am happy to learn a 2nd language. My goal is to be fluent in Spanish. I am proud to be doing middle school work in 5th grade."

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