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Florida Foreign

Language Association

2017 - Presenter Documents

FFLA 2017 Advocacy - Presentation
FFLA 2017 Business Meeting - Presentation
FFLA 2017 Great Things Happening in World Language Classrooms in Florida - Presentation
FFLA 2017 Most Valuable Teacher Awards - Presentation
FFLA 2017 Stevens Initiative - Video
FFLA 2017 Teacher Awards (Mohamed Abdel-Kader) - Presentation
FFLA 2017 Teacher of the Year Awards - Presentation
FFLAME Meeting - Documents

Round # Name Speaker(s) File(s) 
Pre-Conference17 + 7 + 18: Promoting the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) rough Educational Technology & Social Action
Fran Siracusa
Donna Guzzo
Pre-ConferenceEngaging At-Risk Students in the World Language ClassroomLinda VilladonigaPresentation Documents
Pre-ConferenceMaking it StickyElena Wigelsworth
Myra Johnson
The Right Blend: Innovative Learning in and Beyond the Chinese Language ClassroomHua Zhang
1-6Lively Games for the World Language ClassroomPhil DillingerPresentation
Vamos a Aprender del Día de los Muertos
Aixa LandronPresentation
2-7Hiking Hadrian’s Wall: The Roman Legacy in Northern England
James Buchanan
2-8Textbook Extreme Makeover: Transforming Your Textbook Exercises into Engaging Activities to Promote Active Learning
Pablo MartinezPresentation 
2-9Do Girls Learn Languages Better Than Boys? Gender, Language Learning and Communication
Andrew DeMil
Beyond the Words
Elias Goutoufas
Teaching Language and Culture Through Project Based Learning
Lei Cohen
3-9Terrorism in Spain
Francesc MoralesPresentation
3-10How to Save Time and Sanity When Planning, Teaching and Assessing
Loridia UrquizaPresentation 
4-3Spanish for Healthcare Careers: Connecting Students Through Experiences
Michelle JoseyPresentation 
4-4I’m Sold! Create Buy-In and Student Ownership through Choice
Myra JohnsonDocuments 
4-10Creating an ePortfolio for Study Abroad
Sherrie NunHandout
5-1What Does My Administrator Want to See When He Walks into My ClassroomPablo MartinezPresentation 
"¿Como se dice? You seriouslyexpect me to talk about this?” Authentic Communication and Higher-Level Thinking
Deborah Horzen
5-5Why Do WE, World Language Teachers, Have to Be Reading Teachers?
Linda VilladonigaPresentation Documents 
5-7Mock Digs - Digging into Archaeology in the Latin Classroom
Kristen YoungbloodPresentation
 6-7From Invisible to Indispensable: Marketing & Growing Your Small Program
Christel CallahanPresentation
Take the Global Challenge: Global Challenges in the Foreign Language Classroom
Deborah Horzen
Make Students Proficiency Experts by Using Digital and Paper Interactive NotebooksLizzie Rodriguez-Rios & Elizabeth Arroyo
8-4Spanish Language Instruction in the IB-PYP
Ana CarlsonHandout
8-7Developing and Using Can-Do Statements to Assess Student ProficiencyGale JonesPresentation Documents 
9-5“Tous pour un et un pour tous”: How to Create a Musketeer “esprit de corps” Around the 5C’s in Your Classroom
Roselyne Pirson
9-7Engagement Strategies for Intermediate & Advanced Learners
Pam Benton Presentation 
9-10From the Treasure Coast to the Great Wall of China: Cultural Gap BridgedHuihong BaoPresentation
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