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Florida Foreign

Language Association

2018 Schedule - Pre-Conference

Thursday, October 18, 2018

All Day Workshops (8:30am-11:30am and 1pm-4pm)

#1. FFLAME District Supervisors’ Meeting (ends @ 3:30pm) CANCELLED

This session is for Supervisors ONLY.

#2: Unpacking the Core: Essential Skills for Highly Effective WL Teachers

Presenters: Michelle Olah, Seminole County Curriculum Specialist World Languages, FFLA Past-President and Carolyn Taylor, French Teacher, Seminole High School

Does not include lunch

Student language acquisition is the core responsibility of a language teacher. But HOW do we maximize student language acquisition? ACTFL Core Practices outline the 6 essential tasks and activities that highly-effective teachers need to understand, take responsibility for and be prepared to carry out in order to enact their core instructional responsibilities.

In this session, participants will unpack the three core practices: Facilitating Target language comprehensibility: Designing oral interpersonal communication tasks: and Guiding learners through interpreting authentic resources. Participants will choose one core practice to examine and collaboratively produce resources to assist them in incorporating it into their practice.

#3: New Teacher Tips, Tricks and Transformation

Presenters: Linda Santiago, Lakewood High School, Pinellas County, FFLA Parliamentarian, Past Executive Director and Esther González-Wright, French Teacher, Pinellas County

This workshop is for teachers who are in their first 3 years of teaching

Are you a pre-service teacher or are you in your first 3 years of teaching? As a workshop participant, you will engage in activities that are personalized, meaningful, hands-on, experiential, collaborative, motivational, inspirational and transformational! FFLA invites you to come receive all of the wisdom, love, tips and tricks from mentor teachers who will lift you up and provide the support you need to make all your teaching dreams come true!

Half-day Workshops Morning Session (8:30am-11:30am)

#4: How to Divorce Your Textbook

Presenter: Julia Ullmann, Teacher, Osceola County School District

I will start by going over ACTFL proficiency levels and descriptors, modes of communication and state standards for foreign language. Participants will be able to state language goals for all skills, develop learning activities to match them and create assessments with rubrics.

#5: Cooperative Learning in the Spanish Classroom

Presenter: Louis Lillard, Spanish Teacher, East Lee County High School; Region 7 Regional Director, FFLA Historian, FFLA Past President

Cooperative learning strategies for selection of groups. The session will incorporate strategies to that address the interpersonal, interpretive and presentational modes. Strategies for reading, writing and oral production are within the context of cooperative learning. The distinction between cooperative learning and group work will be discussed. Selection of standards, which delineate cooperative learning to include in lesson plans and the inclusion of excerpts from various Spanish textbooks, will assist teachers in their planning. Participants will model the strategies to create a complete lesson and will leave with the tools and knowledge of on-line resources available to effect cooperative learning.

#6: Digital Tools for Collaborative Learning CANCELLED

Presenter: Sheila Mansier, French Teacher, Olympia High School, Orange County School District

Various digital tools are becoming increasingly available to teachers and students across Florida, but the applications and products supported by each district can vary greatly. This presentation is for World Language educators who wish to examine several instructional tools like: Google Suite, Microsoft Office 365. Edmodo, and Canvas. During this 3-hour workshop, the presenter will first demonstrate how each of these tools can be used to design lessons that include listening, speaking, reading, and writing performance tasks as well as communicate effectively with their students. Next, participants will create their own learning activities, units of study, or instructional resources.

#7: Effective Classroom Discipline Without Stress

Presenter: Nancy Valdes, Spanish Teacher, Bishop Snyder Catholic High School, Diocese of St Augustine, Region 3 Regional Director

This workshop is for teachers who want to eliminate or minimize classroom disruptions and increase student productivity and motivation. Effective ways to raise the responsibility level and respect of students towards each other, their learning, and you as a teacher will be discussed and demonstrated in real classroom situations. Handouts will be given and all approaches will be modeled by the presenter. Websites for continued support will be made available.

#8: How to Save Time and Sanity When Planning, Teaching and Assessing in the WL Classroom

Presenter: Loridia Urquiza, Spanish Teacher, Booker High School, Sarasota County

Effective Foreign Language teaching requires strong planning, time and classroom management, and assessment systems. Without a clear system to sort through the daily deluge, you can easily lose sight of what you need to accomplish with your students. The cost of not having a plan is enormous. Your students suffer, you sleep too little, and you feel overwhelmed. This workshop will help you be a happier educator with happier and willing-to-learn students!

#9: Reading Activities for Speakers of Spanish and Portuguese

Presenters: Ericka Ghersi, Associate Professor, Santa Fe College and Grisell Santiago, Assistant Professor, PK Yonge DRS

For this presentation attendees will learn how to make stories for their High School and College students and how can they use these books to teach elementary school children. We would use well know English books and authentic books from the target languages. We would show videos, books and rubrics that the students had created. This is a great tool to teach students vocabulary in both languages and this helps students to activate their cognitive knowledge. We would also give the participants copies of the work and the strategies. We would give attendees time to create material for their classroom.

#10: Connection Restored CANCELLED

Presenter: Chelsea Carr, Spanish Teacher, Douglas Anderson School of the Arts, Duval County and Allie Armstrong,

Guidance Counselor, Douglas Anderson School of the Arts, Duval County In a world profoundly connected through technology, we find ourselves more disconnected than ever. How can we as teachers restore the connection lost in the classroom to a create safe-learning environment where our students can thrive? How can we support our students emotionally to motivate and promote engagement? Studies show that students perform better, even in high-stakes environments, when they receive emotional support. In this presentation, we will offer teachers practical strategies to restore positive, meaningful connections with their students.

Half Day Workshops Afternoon Session (1-4)

#11: Standards-based Grading in the World Language Classroom

Presenters: Grisell Santiago, Assistant Professor, PK Yonge DRS; Lizzie Rodriguez, Teacher, PK Yonge DRS and Elizabeth Arroyo, Spanish teacher, Oak Hall School

For this workshop, attendees will learn different methods to use for Standard Base grading in the World Language. Standard Base Grading is an easy way to help students be more involved with the language acquisition in a faster pace than traditional methodology. For the instructor the different rubrics used for instruction would facilitate the grading time and students feel more empower of their own learning. Standard Base grading also help the instructor and the students with Differentiated Instruction. Examples of videos and writing samples will be showcased. Materials, examples and rubrics would be provided for all the attendees.

#12: Frida Kahlo Inspired Self-Portraits

Presenters: Alejandra Hernández Ordóñez, Spanish teacher, Language Exploration Enrichment; and Alejandra Rivera, Spanish teacher, Language Exploration Enrichment

Participants will learn about Frida Kahlo’s imagination and how painting saved her life. They will create their own self-portrait in a similar artistic style. This project will be presented as a hands-on activity with participants creating their self-portrait. A demonstration of completed student portraits created by the Language Exploration Enrichment classes will be displayed. This thematic unit targets the Spanish language and incorporates culture. This activity provides for participants self-reflection, creates cultural awareness, celebrates the Mexican culture, and introduces students into Frida’s life and her impact in the world.

#13: A Springboard to Communicative Competence through Vertical Articulation and Assessment

Presenter: Parthena Draggett, Spanish teacher, The Community School of Naples

This workshop is a designed to help teachers of all levels to align practices necessary for moving students toward proficient communication of their target languages. We will explore strategies, materials, and activities that build through shared expectations and formative assessment for advancing students in interpretive, interpersonal, and presentational modes of communication, starting with early levels. Teachers will explore best practices that are vital to competency for real life communication. Through a Power Point presentation and various support documents and activities, the presenter will use an interactive approach, involving participants in modeling activities, discussion and sharing.

#14: Defeating the Deficit Dragon: Catapulting Latin Students to Confidence

Presenter: Kelley Ranch

Kelley Ranch initially taught Intensive Reading at her Turnaround Title I high school, a school which made primarily Ds and Fs. But her building academic vocabulary via Latin and Greek led her Intensive Reading students to tremendous success on tests. Kelley is now a full-time Latin teacher whose students compete at the Regional, State and National Latin Fora. What did she do to connect with reticent readers and students grade-levels behind, to convince them that learning Latin catapults them to confidence? Participate in select activities which Kelley uses to bring out the best in your students too.

#15: Required meeting for ALL present and aspiring FFLA Regional Directors

Presenters: Linda Villadóniga, President, retired teacher (St. Johns County) ; Craig Leavitt, President-elect (2020), teacher, Douglas Anderson School of the Arts (Duval County); and Donna Guzzo, Social Media Chair and Director of Operations, Language Exploration Enrichment (St. Johns County)

The purpose of this workshop is to equip Regional Directors and emerging leaders with the tools and resources needed to increase the membership base and member engagement in their respective regions. Participants will create a communications and marketing strategy to develop and enhance professional learning opportunities by utilizing existing world language networks, increasing social media visibility, and activating new initiatives.

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