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Florida Foreign

Language Association

2018 Conference Schedule - Round 1

Friday, October 19, 2018 from 8am-9am

Mandatory Facebook Social Media Class for Region Directors and Social Media Administrators
Siesta Donna Guzzo Social Media Technology Make an account, complete your profile, Facebook interface, account preference, newsfeed, shortcuts, messenger conversations, photos/videos, likes, friends, ratings, sharing, high traffic, activity and insights report.
Integrated Performance Assessments in the Languages Classroom
Salons A & B Linda Gillespie
Colleen Murphy
Ingrid Mateo-Marrero
All Languages

All Levels
This first part of the 2 - session workshop will focus on IPA's: what they are, how they tie in to our standards and curriculum/content, the benefits of IPA's, how to create them. Benefit to participants: encourage students to apply their knowledge to performance-based skills, Help our students improve their listening, reading and interpersonal and presentational speaking skills in the classroom.

The Role of Motivation in Language Acquisition

Salon C Angel Rios
Derrick Pollock
All Languages There is an increasing amount of research on the role that motivation plays in language learning. In my own personal research, I have studied the role that motivation plays on both children learning a second language and parents teaching that second language. This presentation will showcase the findings within two bilingual households,and propose ways in which motivation can increase language acquisition within the home or the classroom!
Feeling HOT?: Higher Order Thinking Using Marzano's Taxonomy
Salon D
Pablo Martinez-Torres
Higher Order
Thinking Skills
All Languages
Research says that only 9% of teachers can explain how they apply higher order thinking in their classrooms. This hands-on presentation will help teachers to identify effective questioning techniques and to create higher order thinking (HOT) questions. It will expand teachers' horizons on strategies to target students' critical thinking skills based on language skill modes using Marzano's Taxonomy. Teachers will be challenged to get HOT after getting the basics on HOT strategies.
Starting Off on the Right Foot: Focusing Student Attention

Salon F
Deborah Espitia
In this session, we will discuss the importance of the introductory, or warm-up activity, to setting the tone for each lesson. We will examine 13 types of authentic resources that address motivation through relevance, connections, and fun. In the process, we will explore 40+ strategies that build student performance in the three modes of communication through those resources. The session will open by tapping into the expertise of participants, build on the research, and then present the resources with examples in French, German, and Spanish. Participants end the session with a reflection on action steps for their classroom.
Save Time Teaching with Technology
Salon G
Rachel Lucas

In this workshop, I will cover how teachers can leverage technology to save time planning, teaching, and grading. I will first go over some of the tools teachers can use. I will then show teachers how to use the tools by walking them through step by step. This is very useful for teachers with multiple preps and large class sizes.
Better than Coffee
Salon H
Gerladine Craven

This is an innovative workshop which shows teachers how to actively engage the students in their learning.
Motivation is the key! Making Latin relevant and keeping students excited.
Azalea A
Bozena BaranoWka-Lawson

Motivation is the key to success. It is easier to teach a motivated and intrigued student, so one of our primary goals as teachers should be to keep our students engaged and motivated at all times. This session will provide you with concepts for lessons outside your textbook but also with tricks, games, hands-on activities, and a few other ideas to excite and motivate (not only) a Latin student. The presentation will address novice, intermediate and advanced levels of various age groups.
Unamuno: técnicas didácticas para algunas de sus obras
Azalea B
Graciela Helguera-Balcells

En esta sesión se impartirán varias técnicas pedagogías, las cuales ayudará el alumno comprender las obras. Participantes trabajarán con las estrategias, para cursos presenciales o virtuales, además tendrán una lista de recursos. Se presentará San Manuel Bueno Mártir y algunos ensayos.
Teaching Beyond the Traditional Textbook Using Can-do Statements
Mako Nozu
The widely used textbooks in Japanese courses are intensely focused on building grammatical knowledge rather than providing communicative practice useful to real-life situations; many instructors are struggling with the current circumstances yet striving for the real communicative language teaching. The presenter will show examples of communicative activities based on the Can-do Statements designed for the elementary Japanese courses and share the students’ reactions and opinions regarding the Can-do based instruction. The presenter will conclude with the discussion with the audience about the Can-do based instruction and possibilities of future collaborations of material developments with the participants
Florida State Chinese Competition
Oleander A
Charlene Chang

Shu-Min Yu

This is a meeting for all teachers who are interested in having their student participate in the Florida State Chinese Competition. We will discuss details in proper etiquette for participation, how to register, and what to expect.
Beyond the Clichés: Aspects of Algerian culture for the French Classroom
Oleander B

Christel Callahan

Cyd Anthony

While francophones share a common language; each francophone community offers a complex combination of culture, religion, lifestyle, economics, politics and perspectives. A teacher’s challenge rests in responsibly creating thematic units or IPAs reflecting these communities’ uniqueness and impact on our increasingly globalized world. This presentation centers on Algeria. It seeks to help teachers go beyond surface culture and stereotypes. We present resources and material reflecting current aspects of Algerian culture with the goal of highlighting connections, and supporting respectful & meaningful cultural comparisons in the classroom. The methods and material reflect the AP or IB themes & frameworks. Audience participation encouraged.
Are You Ready for the Zombie Apocalypse

Amarilys Heard

Rita Daugherty

Not having technology, access or wi-fi can throw off your teaching lesson and feel like the zombie apocalypse! Don't despair! Allow the presenters and participants to revive lessons pre-wifi and technology. A survival kit will be provided to all with activities that remain relevant and encourage oral and listening skills development. All participants are encouraged to bring their best lessons to add to the survival kit. New and experienced teachers are welcome to attend to fun and throwback session! Let’s be prepared for the apocalypse!
National Spanish Examinations: Assessing the Building Blocks to Proficiency


Salvatore Muffoletto

The presenter will discuss (1) how the NSE measures building blocks to proficiency based on standards, (2) how the exams can be used as formative and summative assessments, and (3) the many scholarships and awards available. Presentation Method: The presenter will (1) show examples of assessment items, (2) facilitate a discussion of strategies to use assessments, and (3) discuss how disaggregated data can be used to inform instruction. Benefits: Participants will be able to (1) evaluate sample types of assessments, (2) discuss how test items relate back to standards, and (3) recommend how to use results to inform instruction.

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