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Florida Foreign

Language Association

2019 Wershow Award


Friday, May 3, 2019


In memory of the late Irving Wershow's distinguished career as a foreign language educator, the Irving Wershow Award for Excellence in Leadership in the Profession is awarded annually at the FFLA conference to a member who has:

  • Demonstrated leadership at the regional, state and/or national level
  • Served as a quality educator in his/her own right
  • Promoted the teaching and learning of world languages, bilingual/bicultural education, and/or English as a Second Language

The nominee must be a member in good standing of FFLA. Language teachers and administrators from all levels, K-12, and post-secondary are eligible. Please DO NOT inform the nominee of this nomination. As FFLA's highest recognition, it is the intent of the FFLA Board and the Awards Committee that candidates take no part in the nomination process and have no knowledge of their nomination. This anonymity in the process allows the honoree to be surprised by the award.


Include a narrative with the reasons for your nomination. The narrative must include examples that the nominee has:

Demonstrated leadership at the regional, state and/or national level,

Served as a quality educator in his/her own right, and

Promoted the teaching and learning of World Languages, bilingual education and/or ESOL

Some topics you should address in your narrative nominating a colleague for the Wershow Award are: 

  • leadership in and service to FFLA
  • involvement in local and state language initiatives
  • advocacy efforts
  • experience with mentoring or developing the talents of new teachers
  • contribution to particular language program in the school or district
    • starting a program
    • expanding a program
    • keeping a program alive
  • service to associate organization (AFTJ, CAF, FAATF, FAATSP, FATG, FASLTA, FATI, FCTA, FFLICU, etc.)
  • service to other professional organizations
  • service on state, regional or national organizations and/or committees
  • awards and recognitions

In order to be considered, nominations must include their word DOC (which will include the narrative statement) and email a copy of the nominee's resumé, and a head shot of the nominee to


Submission for this award needs to be in a WORD doc, Times New Roman, 12 point, double spaced; sent to Needs to be in the order of what is required for consideration.

In addition, a copy of the nominee’s résumé, and a head shot of the nominee to with the nominee's name in the body of the email; the email subject should be "2019 Wershow Award - ##nominee name##".

Late or incomplete submissions will NOT be considered; submissions are due by 11:59pm Eastern Standard Time on the date given.
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