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Accepted 60-Minute Proposals

These sessions are subject to change prior to the conference.

The following sessions & presenters have been invited to present at our upcoming professional development conference to be held at the Hilton Daytona Beach Oceanfront Resort October 26-28, 2023. 

Sessions with our Keynote Speaker

"Additional Benefits of Self-Selected Pleasure Reading"

-Dr. Stephen Krashen (virtually)

"Secrets of Writing"

-Dr. Stephen Krashen (virtually)

"The Language Acquisition Device Never Shuts Off: The Perfect Accent is Within You"

-Dr. Stephen Krashen (virtually)

Sponsored Sessions

"RIP Lists: Breathe Life Back into Teaching Vocabulary"

-Cristin Bleess, Wayside Publishing

"Journey to Proficiency: Taking the On-Ramp"

-Michelle Olah, Wayside Publishing

"Building Oral Fluency with your Entering and Emerging Multilingual Learners"

-Jody Nolf, Vista Higher Learning


"Developing Presentational Speaking and Writing Skills"

-Laura Zinke, Vista Higher Learning


"Designing and Implementing Aural & Oral Communicative Strategies that Work for (Spanish) Students"

-Linda Villadóniga, Klett World Languages 

"Pages to Play: Creative Activities for Readers"

-Diego Ojeda, Klett World Languages 

"Top Tips for Talking with Students"

-Erica Peplinski-Burge & Justin Slocum Bailey, Voces Digital

"Discover the Science behind Acquisition-Driven Instruction"

-Justin Slocum Bailey & Erica Peplinski-Burge, Voces Digital

"Seals and Other Animals: An Up-to-Date View of Evaluation, Assessment, and Accreditation"

-Andres Bernal, Avant Assessment, LLC

"Connecting Through Culture"

-Karla A. Estrada, Carnegie Learning

"Build Language Proficiency in Spanish, Levels 1 to AP"

-Richard Sayers & Ricardo Sinclair, Savvas

Member Sessions

"Impossible to Grant Possible"  

-Tracie Carollo, Escambia County Public Schools

"Planning, Implementation, and Challenges of the Santa Fe College and Universidad Mayor de San Andres Virtual Exchange"  

-Marcela Murillo Van Den Bossche, Sante Fe College

-Iver Ajata, Universidad Mayor de San Andres

"Culturally Responsive Classrooms: It Starts with Us!"

-Dr. Elle Anthony, Saint Andrew's School, FFLA President-Elect

"Decrease Foreign Language Anxiety through Virtual Experiences"

-Crystal Marull, Ph.D. and Laura Mecias, University of Florida

"Last Minute Lesson Plans"

-Marisa Beck-Dean, Haines City High School

Anna Weil, Cypress Creek High School

"Ditch Those Desks: Transitioning to a Deskless WL Classroom"

-Natalie McSwain, Polk County Public Schools 2022 Teacher of the Year

"'Demon' Words"

-Phil Dillinger, Berkeley Preparatory School

"Focus on Form and Social Issues with Online Advertisements"

-Dr. Geraldine Blattner, Florida Atlantic University

"No Time for Novels? Incorporating Literature into Lesson Plans"

-Barbara Ihns, Lyman High School

"Technology Inspires Teaching in a Foreign Language"

-Jing Wang-McPherson, Safety Harbor Middle School

"Teaching for Transfer"

-Hua Zhang, Saint Andrew's School

"Immersive Cultural Language Learning: A Hands-on Approach"

-Meilian Lu, Jean Ribault Senior High School

-Yinan Wang, Florida Virtual School

"Teaching Today’s Students: Integrating 21st Century Skills in Beginning Language Classes"

-Dr. Jane Wooten, University of Florida

-Maria Laura Mecias, University of Florida

"Refresh Your Mind, Recharge Your Soul and Reconnect with Yourself"

-Rossana Delgado-Acevedo, Creekside Middle School

"Connecting Language Teachers and Learners to the World: Resources and Opportunities"

-Dr. Mary Risner, University of Florida, FFLA Past President

"Using Gamification to Incentivize Language Use in the High School Classroom"

-Shayla Velazquez, Lofton High School

"Leading with Novels in the Aquisition Driven World Language Classroom"

-Nagia Bogdani-Xheka, Countryside High School

"How to Start Talking: Practical Ideas for Classroom and Extracurricular Activities"

-Dr. Alla Kourova, University of Central Florida

-Irina Pidberejna, University of Central Florida

-Michelle Verbitskaya, University of Central Florida

-Yulia Dochtchennikov, University of Central Florida

"Building a Path to Success in a Four-Year Journey thru a High-Quality, Challenging Educational Program"

-Linda Santiago, St. Petersburg High School

"Self-Care: Giving Yourself Grace amidst the Epidemic of Teacher Burnout"

-Anna Weil, Cypress Creek High School

-Marissa Beck-Dean, Haines City High School

"Transforming World Language Education with ChatGPT"

-Linda Santiago, St. Petersburg High School

"How to Encourage Language Learners to Speak in Class: Improving Second Language Learners Speaking Skill (Theory and Practice)"

-Fatima Raafat, University of South Florida

"Mini Mock Archaeology Dig"

-Kendal Ogles, St. John's Episcopal Parish Day School

-Kristen Youngblood, Maclay School

"Building Intellective Capacity through Culturally Responsive Teaching"

-Craig Leavitt, Douglas Anderson School of the Arts, FFLA Past President

-Elizabeth Gentry, Douglas Anderson School of the Arts

"Growth Mindset with a Can-Do Attitude"

-Andrew Bowen, Carnegie Learning

"Eradicating Zombiism in the World Language Classroom"

-Dr. Tara Ellsley, NSU University School

-Rick Whitmore, NSU University School

"No Judgement for Being Redundant: How Repetition and Over-resourcing Students Improves Proficiency"

-Victoria Patrick, Spruce Creek High School

-Katheushka Rentas, DeLand High School

"Language Crafting Companion: Empowering Educators with Chat GPT!"

-Claudia Elliott, Growing with Proficiency, SCOLT 2022 Teacher of the Year

"Let’s Talk Pictures"

-Jeanne Jendrzejewski, Deland High School

"Archeology of Turkey and Greece"

-Aurelia Ogles, CAF Past President, FFLA Past President

-Dr. Craig Bebergal, Florida Virtual School

-Phil Dillinger, Berkeley Preparatory School

-Anna Glenn, Edgewood Junior and Senior High School

-Judith Hahn, Academy of the Holy Names

-Amy Hornick, Escambia High School

-Kendal Ogles, St. John’s Episcopal Parish Day School

-Rachel Robison, St. John’s Country Day School 

"Communication, Coordination, and Camaraderie in Regional Classics: How Beer and Pizza Saved Region 2 Latin"

-Joanna Piris, Florida State University Schools

-Kristen Youngblood, Maclay School

"Universal Design in a Virtual Intensive Language Program"

-Dr. Snezhana Zheltoukhova, Stetson University

"CAF Travel Scholarship Presentation"

-Anna Glenn, Edgewood Junior-Senior High School

"Translation and Interpretation as a Profession"

-Dawnielle Jacobson, Freelance Translator

"Data-Driven Instruction in the World Language Classroom: Best Practices for Teachers"

-Louis Lillard, East Lee County High School, FFLA Past President

"Strategies to Increase Engagement in the Italian Classroom"

-Dr. Alessandro Cesarano, Florida Southwestern State College

"Talk, Read, Talk, Write – an Approach to Building Proficiency in World Language Classrooms"

-Domenica Diraviam, Broward College

-Marianna DeTollis, West Boca Raton Community High School

"AATF National French Week: Invite the community in the classroom to take the classroom out in the community"

-Gerline Smith, East Ridge High School

"Diversifying Curriculum with Anime, Gaming and Technology Contents."

-Yukari Nakamura-Deacon, University of Central Florida

Dual Language Session

"Steps and Resources for a Successful Dual Language Program Implementation"

-Gianna Acevedo-Alamo, Volusia County Public Schools

-Ines Ramos Feliciano, Volusia County Public Schools

TESOL Sessions

"Enhancing Student Global Leadership Potential through Virtual Exchange Program"  

-Neda Radosavlevikj, South East European University, Macedonia

"TESOL Activities to Recharge your Teaching Style"

-Dr. Jane Govoni, University of South Florida, FFLA Past President

-Dr. Cindy Lovell, University of South Florida

"How Virtual Exchange Brings Your Classroom to the 21st Century"

-Diana Elisa Valenzuela Ruiz, Prepa Tec

"Best Practices to make Content Comprehensible for ELLs across Content Area"

-Mayra Santiago, Volusia County Public Schools

-Gianna Acevedo-Alamo, Volusia County Public Schools

-Debbie Johnson, Volusia County Public Schools

-Mayra Aguilar, Volusia County Public Schools

Sessions by Elementary Educators

"But I Only Teach Once a Week: Creating memorable and engaging lessons in the FLES Classroom"

-Albert Fernandez, St. Mary Magdalen

"Teaching Kindergarten Students? Oh, YES!!!"  

-Charlene Chang, Carrolton School of Sacred Hart, FFLA Past President

"Read, Learn and Play"

-Ada Cordoliani, Bay Point Elementary School

-Maria Andura-Little, Bay Point Elementary School

Sessions Presented in Arabic

"Arabic Language: The Grantor and the Grantee"  

- Loay Badran, Zayed University

Sessions Presented in French

"Le nouveau jeu de cartes entre élèves et entre amis"  

- Marcellus Mario, Apopka High School

"Une salle de bains Hi-Tech? Entrez dans la danse!"  

-Béren Sacra, Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy

"Application of MyAI to Facilitate Spontaneous Discourse"  

-Memry Rasch, Cypress Creek High School

"Ma Boule D’apprentissage pour L’année Scolaire en Français"  

-Juniace Etienne, Palmetto Ridge High School

"Le Bouillon d' Awara"  

-Sandrine Collomb, Interlake High School

"Discutons les examens d'IB/AP/AICE French!"  

-Deanna Scheffer, AATF Grand Concours Administrator

Sessions Presented in Spanish

"How to teach literature in ELE classroom: from the theory to the practice"  

- Marivel Vega, Teacher, Volusia County Public Schools


-Linda Lopez, University High School

-Nathacha Curras, Deltona High School

"Refresh, recharge and reconnect with "El delfin en la playa"

-Karen Zaremba, McIntosh Middle School

-Brenda Rains, North Port High School

"Incorporando el arte y la literatura en las clases para sensibilizar e informar a los estudiantes de la (in)justicia social en el mundo hispano"  

-Linda Villadoniga, FFLA Past President, AATSP-FL Past President


The Florida Foreign Language Association, Inc. is registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Contributions to FFLA are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. 

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