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Florida Foreign 
Language Association

The Florida Foreign Language Journal (FFLJ)

The official publications of the Florida Foreign Language Association

The Florida Foreign Language Journal (FFLJ) is an annual publication serving classroom instructors, researchers, language education majors, and administrators concerned with the teaching of world languages at all levels of instruction. It is an academic journal and includes:

  • articles on teaching languages, literature and culture
  • current trends in the profession    
FFLJ - Florida Foregin Language Journal Archives. If you, or someone you know have issues not included here, they are very much appreciated for us to scan and include in this collection.

Call for Manuscripts for the FFLJ - Submission deadline for 2018 Fall issue is July 31st, 2018.  Share your research, best practices, ideas, professional insights for the greater good of our profession! We welcome your submissions for consideration!

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