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Individuals registering for a full-day session or two half-day sessions before December 28th will be invited to attend a complimentary luncheon.

FULL-DAY SESSIONS, 8:30am - 4:00pm

Sponsored Event: Leading the Way to Proficiency in Florida

Michelle Olah & Cristin Bleess, Wayside Publishing, 2022 FFLA Major Event Partner

Wayside Publishing is excited to sponsor a unique opportunity for secondary world language educators to participate in a train-the-trainer workshop. This FFLA pre-conference workshop will not only increase participants' knowledge of proficiency practices, but also their presentation and leadership skills.   

Our goal is to have two participants from each region of FFLA participate in this free PD opportunity.  We would love to see two participants from your region attend. Please see the this flyerInterested candidates must submit an application by August 20th.

While this full-day workshop is complimentary for those invited to participate, it does not include lunch. If you have additional questions, please contact Michelle Olah or Cristin Blees. 

Driving Mastery Using Proficiency-Based Teaching: A Road Map to Success for Newbies

Dr. Pablo Martinez-Torres, World Languages Curriculum Specialist, Polk County Public Schools

This session is intended for teachers with fewer than five years teaching experience.

Everybody talks about proficiency-based teaching, but what does it look like? This workshop is designed for teachers who have been in the profession for less than 5 years. We will deconstruct and explain proficiency-based teaching through a variety of comprehensible input strategies such as Clip Chat, PictureTalk, One Word Image, Storytelling, etc. Supporting strategies to foster fluency also will be modeled (Brain breaks, attention signals, cooperative structures, etc.) Participants will also learn how to create and plan lessons by blending strategies, practices, and methodologies. Several resources to facilitate lesson building will be shared.

Session Objectives

By the end of this full-day workshops teachers will be able to:

-identify different proficiency levels

-implement strategies to make language comprehensible

-apply comprehensible input-based strategies

-identify instructional resources that foster proficiency

-create a comprehensible input lesson

MORNING SESSIONS, 8:30am - 11:30am

Achieving the  Pillars of Dual Language Education

Claudia Norez, ESOL Specialist, Duval County Public Schools

In this session, participants will gain an understanding of the three goals of Dual Language Education and how instruction is guided by them. We will learn about the instructional implications in addressing the three pillars while balancing the needs of diverse second language learners, and understand how learning differs in bilingual students. Participants will gain ideas and strategies on language Input, oral language development, literacy development, and the three language spaces.

The Power of Storytelling in the WL Classroom

Claudia Elliott, 2021 FFLA Teacher of the Year, 2022 SCOLT Teacher of the Year, Paxon School for Advanced Studies and Growing with Proficiency

What if I tell you that the only thing you really need to do to get your students engaged and acquire the language is to tell them a story? Ok, maybe that’s a stretch, or maybe not. Join me in this session to discover the power of storytelling in our World Language classes. In this session, you will learn the research behind storytelling and how you can bring storytelling to your classes to engage your students while providing a ton of comprehensible input. Also, in the second part of this session, you will collaborate with other incredible storytellers - your colleagues - to create at least one story ready to go for your classes.

This section will be hands-on so get ready to become an extraordinary storyteller!

Products, Practices, and Perspectives

Linda Gillespie & Ingrid Marrero-Mateo, Creekside High School, St. Johns County Public Schools

This workshop introduces products, practices and perspectives in the World Languages Classroom and focuses on how teachers can use the 3 P’s to share target-language culture with their students and create connections using authentic resources.  In our time together, we will define the 3 P’s and learn how to use them in lessons in the classroom.  You will leave with great ideas that will transfer immediately to the classroom. The 3 P’s can be used across all levels of the world language classroom. (Created for Spanish teachers of all levels but can be implemented in any language classroom.)

Taking the First Steps to 90% Target Language Use

Teresa CornettWayside Publishing, 2022 FFLA Major Event Partner

Join Teresa Cornett for an inspirational, fun workshop to "get your students talking" and increase their oral proficiency. Using the target language in the classroom 90% of the time can be a little scary, but this workshop will explore strategies that support the use of language with your students as well as theories of language acquisition applied in an immersive, safe environment where students communicate and engage with the language. Ideas for active student participation will be explored that will "get your students talking" on your very first day back to the classroom.

AFTERNOON SESSIONS, 1:00pm - 4:00pm

3-3-3 The Magic Tools in the World Language Classroom 

Claudia Elliott, 2021 FFLA Teacher of the Year, 2022 SCOLT Teacher of the Year, Paxon School for Advanced Studies and Growing with Proficiency

Don't reinvent the wheel. Discover three interpretive, three interpersonal, and three presentational tools you can use with any level in your classes.

A Toolbox to Create Connections and Build a Solid Language Foundation 

Luisa Meyer,  Bartow Middle School, Polk County Public Schools

Learn to plan and implement a Special Person Interview involving, not only the selected student but the whole class. Using interpersonal communication we can create connections and build community in the TL. Next, dive into extension activities for all modes of communication to help create a "deep" and solid foundation in the TL. Students need this base to build upon it and be able to reach higher goals. Finally, we visit games and activities that help lower the affective filter, increasing engagement and comprehension. Seriously! Let's make it fun!

Must-Have Tech Tools for Teaching with CI

Rachel Lucas, Tech for World Languages, Jacksonville, FL

This session will cover the latest and best tech resources and platforms for integrating CI teaching strategies to engage world language students.


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